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Breakfast Topic: Do you need a nerf?


It happens to everyone, no matter what class you play. One moment you're riding high, flavor of the month, topping the meters for DPS, or healing, or tanking -- if that's even applicable. I guess you could top avoidance or damage mitigation meters. And then a patch rolls in, or an expansion rolls in, and all of a sudden you're languishing in last place. Nobody likes being nerfed, and the official forums are full of complaints from people about their own class getting nerfed. I'm guilty of this myself, I'm currently pretty unhappy about the proposed nerfs to shaman totems, the one that means they can no longer be dropped while you're silenced.

The question is, though, have you ever thought "man, this class I'm playing is way too strong. I really need a nerf." I had a moment of this in the Mists of Pandaria beta, when I chose the talent Call of the Elements, which, at the time, reset the cooldown of every totem except the elemental ones. I knew it was way too strong to be able to drop a healing tide totem, then a mana tide totem, then use Call of the Elements, and drop both one after the other again. It was too much, too easy, and while it was lovely, I knew it needed a nerf. Unfortunately it was nerfed pretty much into uselessness, but these things happen.

The question is, have you ever, particularly on live servers, looked at your main or any of your characters, and thought "I need a nerf"? Have you ever posted on the forums that your class is far too strong? Have you ever supported another poster's call for nerfs to your class? Do you need a nerf right now?

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