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    Daily iPhone App: Kumo Lumo combines colorful design with original gameplay


    Kumo Lumo is one of the most recent games from Chillingo, and it's a good one. The gameplay itself here is hard to describe -- it's an arcade game, maybe? Though there's a little bit of simulation in there, and some puzzle elements in terms of how you learn the game and its characters, too. But the real draw here is the aesthetic: Kumo Lumo is definitely gorgeous, especially on the iPad's bigger screen, and the sounds and textures of this one are not to be missed.

    Basically, as you can see in our video below, you play a cloud, flying around a spherical planet that turns underneath the screen as you go. When the game begins, you're simply raining on trees to grow them, but as the story progresses, you get more elements added to the gameplay, like enemies to stop or obstacles to avoid. Each level of the game has a certain goal to beat, and when you've beaten that goal, you get a star rating and can move on.

    There's a light in-app purchase scheme to leveling up your abilities, but it's very low pressure, and Kumo Lumo is completely free. The highest levels can be a nice challenge, but the lowest levels are great, colorful, casual gameplay put together in a really original fashion. Don't miss this one for sure.

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