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Groove Coaster becomes free-to-ride with new release Zero


Groove Coaster Zero sped onto the App Store today, the game a free-to-play version of Taito's rhythm-tastic Groove Coaster. The new version features over 30 tracks including those from the original game and some new tunes too. Some of those tracks have to be purchased in-app, with the ones in the game's shop including some from the original.

Groove Coaster delighted JC last year. with him saying he'd happily have paid $50 ten years ago for a game like it. With a free version out now, Taito is showing its thanks to those who did put down money for the original game by giving them three "limited edition" tracks in Zero. We of course don't begrudge Taito making an excellent game free and now accessible to more people. but showing a rollercoaster of love for early, paying adopters is neat too.

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