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Hitman: Absolution DLC has Agent 47 inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Agent 47 is a fashionista (one doesn't accidentally wear $10,000 custom suits), so it should come as no surprise that he's also fashion forward and into Adam Jensen of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's garb. Today, Hitman: Absolution's launch day, both Adam Jensen's armor and pistol are available as downloadable content in Mr. 47's latest outing on Xbox 360, Steam and, likely, later today on PS3, following the PSN update.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC suit provides "better protection from firearms with advanced armor," while Jensen's pistol can be equipped with a silencer for Agent 47. There are also a series of pre-order bonus costumes available for a buck apiece, or bundled for $6. Agent 47 isn't the only Square Enix protagonist getting in on the dress-up and raiding closets, Sleeping Dogs' Wei Shen also got in on that action.

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