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IGF 2013 adds 'Excellence in Narrative' category



BRANDON Boyer, Independent Games Festival chairman, sits at his computer. Hands shaking, he types out changes to the 15th annual independent games festival awards. He whispers his revisions as he types.

We're adding a new category to this year's festival, 'Excellence in Narrative'.

He mumbles the next few paragraphs to himself, then aloud.

But as judging kicked off in early October, it was clear that there was something special about this year's lineup of games in particular that made the absence of a Narrative category especially conspicuous. And so, because so many of our judges have said there are so many games in this year's festival that they specifically want to recognize for their world and their story, we are giving them an avenue to do so.

A few more seconds of rapid typing go by, he finishes with flair. The PHONE RINGS, Brandon walks away.

CLOSE ON: Computer Screen. Near the bottom it reads "Adding this new Narrative category will mean that we'll be returning to the traditional five finalists per, along with honorable mentions, and the standard eight for Nuovo and Student Showcase. We hope you'll understand and appreciate the changes we've made, and will continue to make in coming years, as the both the landscape of independent development and the festival itself grows and evolves."

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