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Last Week in WoW: Whither patch 5.1?


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. With Patch 5.1 now a release candidate over on the PTR, the speculation on a release date runs rampant. There hasn't been an official date set as of this writing, but with an 8 hour downtime set for this morning starting at 3 a.m. PST, a patch could be possible. If nothing else, a new patch might be the perfect 8th anniversary present. Then again, Blizzard might want to take Thanksgiving easy and wait for next week. I'm guessing we'll need to wait for November 27 myself.

Whether there's a patch coming or not, you can't play WoW for a bit, so why not catch up on the latest news? We have a lot of great articles this week, including some that'll give you the perfect leg up on patch 5.1. Read on.

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