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Lumawake iPhone dock studies sleep cycles, simulates a sunrise


When it comes to iPhone docks, you'd think we'd have seen it all by now, but a new crowd-funded project called Lumawake is doing its best to dismiss that notion. More than just a slick-looking charging accessory, Lumawake's designers claim that it can study your sleep cycle, which you can then browse via a companion app.

The dock performs this trick using an infrared motion sensor located on the front of the device. It keeps a constant eye on your movement and attempts to determine when you're at the peak of your lightest phase of sleep. Then, the dock's built-in LEDs produce a simulated sunrise, gradually growing in brightness until you've woken up. If its attempts at slowly coaxing you up fail, which the designers claim is a rare occurrence, the alarm backup will ensure you're not late to start your day.

The Lumawake project is currently seeking funding, and you can reserve your unit for $149. The crowd-funding campaign still has 28 days to go, and it's already generated over $23,000 of its $150,000 goal. If the project is successfully funded, the docks will begin shipping early next year.

[Via: The Next Web]

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