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Square to consider player feedback on same-sex marriage for Final Fantasy XIV

Jef Reahard

Among the many additions coming to Final Fantasy XIV's A Realm Reborn reboot is the ability for player avatars to tie the knot. The option isn't being extended to same-sex avatars, though, at least initially.

Square Enix's official position on the matter was gleaned from a recent two-hour producer video which we've embedded after the break. "As for same-sex marriage, this is an extremely controversial topic that has been under discussion in the MMO world for the past few years," the firm says. "First we would like to start out with opposite-sex marriage, and then consider the feedback from our players in order to make a careful decision. I can't say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time. I'd like to keep dialog open with our players as we deliberate the matter."

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