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Telltale Games to expand starting in Spring 2013


Telltale Games is looking to move out of its current space and into an office nearly double in size. Currently employing 125, the company is looking to up its headcount toward 160 individuals, starting in March or April of 2013. Back in October, Telltale signed a five-year lease for a new 22,000 square-foot space in San Rafael, the town Telltale Games has called home since its formation in 2004.

According to the North Bay Business Journal, Telltale CEO and co-founder Dan Connors pegged the company's success on its ability to employ "digital distribution and episodic production to take advantage of licenses." Telltale launched a Jurassic Park game to lukewarm critical reception last year, but also has strong licenses like Back to the Future and an upcoming game based on the comic book series, Fables.

Telltale Games is working on the second season of The Walking Dead, the first season of which concludes this week with the launch of "No Time Left."

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