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5 apps to help make your turkey tasty this Thanksgiving


Before you pop that turkey in the oven and start whipping those potatoes, you better make sure you have your recipes out and your ingredients in order. If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving meal and need some help in the kitchen, here are five apps that'll help save the day.

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Substitutions for iPad (iPad, $0.99)

Substitutions is a straightforward app listing substitutions tables for cooking. It includes over 400+ substitutions that are organized into categories like alcohol, dairy, herbs & spices and more. It's a life-saver when you're making pumpkin pie and realize you bought sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. The app is also available for the iPhone.

Butterball Cookbook Plus (iOS Universal, $4.99)

The ultimate turkey cooking app from the folks who sell the turkeys that'll grace many plates this Thanksgiving holiday.

Delectable Wine (iPhone, Free)

An app for wine connoisseurs to help you remember and share some of the best wine you've tasted. Perfect for getting the best vino for your holiday dinner table.

Appetites (iOS Universal, $0.99)

Appetites is an interactive cooking show that you can install on your iPhone or iPad. A new Thanksgiving pack will help you cook the perfect meal.

Wave Timer (iPhone, Free)

Wave Timer is a hands-free app that'll let you stop a cooking timer by waving your hand at your phone. It'll help keep your phone clean while you cook.

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