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Breakfast Topic: How long do you bang your head against the wall before you Wowhead something?


Are you a puzzle-solving fanatic? Confession time: I'm not. I admire the spoiler-free lifestyle, but after eight years of playing, I don't have the patience for too much protracted fumbling about for a particular mechanic or location. Mists has taught me that sometimes, you just have to keep clicking on the yak -- except when that doesn't work, in which case Wowhead comments have taught me that tenderly whispering "/reload ui" into said yak's ear can save the day.

I'll keep retrying challenging encounters 'til the cows come home, but nothing sends me alt-tabbing to Wowhead faster than procedural confusion. When I log out mid-quest line, it's easy to forget how that friendly, lurking NPC next to me is planning to assist, so when sparkly quest items fail to appear at the quest location the next day, a quick trip to Wowhead reminds me that I have to kill the mobs to let my sneaky buddy search the corpses for the requisite loot. I also tend to spur my mount anxiously away to a task as soon as an NPC assigns it to me, long before his colleagues have finished hemming and hawing over my worth to cough up their own exclamation points. Wandering about and painstakingly retracing my steps is for the birds -- I head straight to Wowhead to find out where I dropped the storyline.

How long will you bang your head against a given issue before consulting Wowhead or another reference? What do you consider a reasonable number of spoiler-free attempts? Do you have little patience for procedural snags but relish the chance to puzzle your way through what a quest wants you to? Do you salivate at the opportunity of trial and error or drool in confusion over muddled mechanics?

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