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CCP lays out the details on EVE's revamped bounties, kill rights, and more

It's time to learn about what CCP has been up to in EVE Online! The newest dev blog is just brimming with juicy tidbits on the team's work for Retribution, especially concerning the bounty, kill rights, and war systems.

Bounty Hunters now have their own listing in the Bounty Office. Any bounties a player has posted can be tracked via the "My Bounties" tab. The minimum price for bounties has been lowered, and you'll be informed of precisely who has placed a bounty on you (which is marginally better than the looming knowledge that some faceless someone, somewhere, wants you dead). The kill right system has been retooled, clarified, and made more accessible through players' character sheets.

Aggressors now have an option to retract wars that have been made mutual, thereby ending the war in 24 hours. Cost multipliers for multiple wars have been eliminated, and cost scaling has been retuned.

Read all the details over at the official blog.

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