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Borderlands 2 now available on Mac


Odds are that you're seeing Borderlands 2 on sale all over the Internet today, as Black Friday goes down (and we head towards Cyber Monday next week). But we did want to let you know that just in case you were waiting for a Mac version, the wait ended last week. Aspyr has released the Mac port of the sequel to Gearbox's popular open-world shooter, and you can get it nearly everywhere Borderlands 2 is available.

Including on Steam, where it's currently on sale for US$44.99. I haven't had much time to play it yet, but the reviews on this one are great, and especially if you were a fan of the first title, there's definitely reason to grab this and play it on the Mac of your choice. Enjoy, and here's hoping you find all of your other Black Friday deals today as well.

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