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Create Retina-ready graphics for your website

If you're looking for something to do this weekend that doesn't involve fighting your way through massive crowds of holiday shoppers, you can work on bumping the graphics on your website up to Retina quality.

Designer Chris Spooner took a look at his statistics and discovered that a good number of his site visits come from people with Apple products. With an increasing number of Apple's product line moving to Retina displays, it made sense for him to do a graphics upgrade to his various sites. In the process, he put together a tutorial for Line25 that shows you what to do and how to code your site to handle the new Retina-ready graphics. It's not merely taking your existing graphics and scaling them up, but it's making sure you do so correctly so you don't wind up with pixelated graphics that would look even worse on a Retina screen. Spooner does a good job in explaining why different methods of scaling work and their drawbacks.

[via The Loop]

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