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Double Fine adds 'Brazen' prototype to Amnesia Fortnight rewards

Jordan Mallory

Double Fine's internally developed and externally funded Amnesia Fortnight game jam soldiers on, and as is always the case with Humble Bundle promotions, an additional reward has been added for those that donate above the current average.

Now, anyone that drops coin beyond the norm (currently sitting at $7.05) will receive a playable prototype of Brazen, which was originally created during a previous Amnesia Fortnight game jam. Designed by Iron Brigade project lead Brad Muir, Brazen is a Monster Hunter-style four-player online co-op homage to Ray Harryhausen, whose revolutionary work in the field of claymation helped define an era of movie monsters.

Players choose between three classes (Stalwart, Waracle or Beerzerker) and join forces to slay retro mythological beasts, such as the massive two-headed snapping turtle/scorpion seen in the trailer above. Personally, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for some unsettling, disturbingly animated skeleton warriors.

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