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Breakfast Topic: How do I love my guild? Let me count the ways ...


As one of WoW Insider's Drama Mamas, I probably see more than my fair share of guild-related agony. Most of the problems are pretty simple at the core: Players somehow convince themselves that if they leave the guild they admit isn't the right fit for them, they might not ever find one that does work. You and I both know that if they stay where they are, they'll definitely not get one that works, but players in the throes of guild agony never seem to realize that basic point. Most folks just need some reassurance that no, they're not crazy, and yeah, that situation stinks, and yeah, they need to shove off from shore in search of greener pastures ...

But many of us already live in Green Acres. We love our guilds! We love our guildmates, and we love our lack of drama, and we love our loot systems and our raid progression and our collective sense of nutty humor and our loose-but-effective raiding schedule and, oh, the whole package! So this Thanksgiving weekend, let us give thanks for the people at the heart of what makes our WoW experience so enjoyable.

What is it about your guild that sucks you into this world, making your life in WoW much more kickass than the sum of its individual parts?

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