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Football Manager 2013 better thanks to anti-piracy measures


Sports Interactive, developers of the Football Manager series of soccer management simulation games, added "17 or 18" people to the team this year. Studio head Miles Jacobson credited the development team's growth and the heightened expectations for Football Manager 2013 to its anti-piracy measures, in an interview with MCV.

"With the measures that we used last year, the game wasn't pirated for two weeks. The extra sales that we got in that time has helped us to get the new members of staff this year," Jacobson said. He added that Football Manager 2013's new anti-piracy system had yet to be cracked.

"If we can hold another, three, four weeks, as long as we can really, it will benefit the retailers and ourselves and ultimately, the consumer as well. If we do much better this year, we'll be investing that back into the studio, take on more people to be able to do more features," he said.

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