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Bell, Virgin Mobile Canada reportedly start unlocking iPhones, at a steep cost (update: Telus does too)


Canadians have had the option to buy a factory-unlocked iPhone for awhile, but liberating Apple's handset after the sale has been officially limited to Rogers and Fido customers. As long as MobileSyrup's leak is the real deal, though, subscribers to Bell and its Virgin Mobile branch can spring for an unlock as of today. That's good news for many, although the hurdle is once again the carrier's desire to keep customers from jumping ship. Those pursuing an unlock will supposedly need to be out of contract, skip any prepaid plans and pay a $75 fee -- in short, they're more likely to derestrict an old, well-worn iPhone than the iPhone 5 they bought last week. We'll just be happy to have another route to hardware independence, and hope that the mention of widened unlock eligibility in 2013 is more than just a rumor.

Update: Telus lets you unlock as well, so this mostly completes the big three carriers. Thanks, Tim!

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