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City of Steam shows player collaborations


As part of its pre-launch fundraising efforts, Mechanist Games continues to offer players the chance to design their own in-game item for City of Steam if they kick in $500. It turns out at least four players have done so, and the devs whipped up a new blog post to show the journey from concept to completion for each of these items.

The items include a Darth Vader-style mask with cool steampunk goggles, a "Swiss Army Knife" of one-handed swords, a skull-adorned sword with an engine powering it, and a pair of sleek firearms.

Mechanist Games says that there are plenty of additional player items being designed and implemented. If you're thinking about making a mark on this upcoming game, you might want to move fast: donors will only have access to the design-an-item perk until December 5th.

If you're curious about City of Steam, check out Massively's recent hands-on with the title!

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