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The MMO Report airs its series finale

MJ Guthrie

Give or take a hiatus or two, The MMO Report has delivered weekly news about the MMO industry peppered with commentary and crazy antics for the last five years and three months. But now, the show has come to an end. In the words of host Casey Schreiner himself, "Too bad its over, and now you have to get a life."

During the final episode, Casey didn't bother with any MMO news, but instead regaled viewers with some of his favorite clips from over the years, including a few dance moves, interviews, and on-location specials. He also thanked viewers for preventing his ego from collapsing in on itself and creating a black hole in its place.

Wondering what to do now that The MMO Report is gone? You can do like one guest plans and create a companion from Casey's beard clippings to keep as a weekly date, or you can follow the host's advice above. Want to know Casey's parting thought before disappearing? Watch the full farewell video after the break to see.

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