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EVE adding three-state safety system, safe logoff feature

Jef Reahard

Ready for another cutesily titled dev blog from CCP? Today's entry is Happy Safe Fun Time, and it outlines the new safety system and safe logoff features in EVE Online. But wait, isn't EVE all about being as edgy, obtuse, and unsafe as possible?

Apparently not because the devs have come up with a three-state warning system that "ensures that you cannot commit illegal behavior without deliberately switching off your safeties first." When the system is set to "enabled," EVE's client/server setup doesn't allow you to do anything dastardly. The "partially disabled" setting protects you from criminal flagging while allowing for suspect flags, and the "disabled" state allows for any kind of criminality that you can imagine.

"The upshot of all this is that you can never just do something illegal by accident," CCP says. "You always have to deliberately go and disable your safety settings first. On the other hand, if you're out to cause trouble, you'll never be bothered by last-minute pop-ups again." The firm has also developed a new safe logoff system that you can read about on the official EVE site.

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