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Hollywood Monsters moves to small screens, on iOS in December


Hollywood Monsters, known in the US as the 2011 PC game The Next Big Thing, is coming to iOS devices on December 6. Developer Pendulo Studios recently launched Yesterday on the App Store and must have liked how that whole deal went down.

Hollywood Monsters chronicles a 1940s Hollywood your grandparents never knew, where all the monsters in horror movies are real and have acting careers spanning kids' movies to romantic comedies. Liz Allaire and Dan Murray get tangled up with these beasts and enter a mysterious adventure to rival any dinner theater. Break out the iPad at a holiday meal and have grandma play a few levels – maybe she'll remember the good ol' days just the same.

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Paris - November, 26 - 2012
Building on their success of porting the thriller game Yesterday to smarphones and tablets, Pendulo Studios, alonside publisher BulkyPix, is back on the App Store with Hollywood Monsters, scheduled for release on December 6.

Hollywood Monsters (aka The Next Big Thing) is an adventure game that revisits the golden era of horror movies in a modern and funny adventure, packed with references to the horror genre's most popular movies and series.

Hollywood, 1940's:
What would happen if the monsters we see in horror movies were actually played by real monsters? And what if they were forced to act in kids' movies, romantic comedies -- even musicals? And what would happen if they became fed up with these inferior roles and
decided to rebel?

These questions, and hundreds of others, will require answering by Liz Allaire, a talented journalist who can't count to four, and Dan Murray, a self-styled macho man with an acute fear of beetles. Your job is to assist these two incompatibles in a mystery-adventure that will put your brain to the ultimate test!

Features :

● A cast of colorful and wacky characters, including a host of legendary
monsters and creatures from classic horror movies
● Production, graphics, and sound worthy of a great animation movie
● The zaniest and craziest dialogue you will ever encounter in a video game!
● Works perfectly on your smartphone or tablet!
● Useful and well-designed "help" interface -- you'll never get stuck, we promise!
● Languages include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Voice-over is in English

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