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Pathfinder Online begins second Kickstarter project

Shawn Schuster

Earlier this year, the folks at Goblinworks created a Kickstarter project for the tech demo version of their fantasy sandbox MMO Pathfinder Online. Not only did the team crush their initial goal of $50,000, but they went on to raise over $300,000 to create the demo. The Kickstarter bug seems to still be biting because the studio has announced another Kickstarter project for the completion of the game.

With a new goal of one meeeellion dollars, Goblinworks hopes to expand from their tech demo and utilize the new team to make the very best Pathfinder Online possible. The new design crew consists of former developers from CCP, Cryptic, Zenimax, Turbine, and more, so you can see why this is an exciting project for MMO fans.

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