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Pocket for Mac gets a big update, better Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote support


Pocket used to be called Read It Later, and it actually did fairly well under that branding, as I remember. But the app was revamped to Pocket a little while ago, and since then, has been growing a little empire of apps designed to save content on one device, and pass it around to any number of various outlets. Pocket for Mac has just recently been updated to version 1.1, and there are quite a few significant updates still rolling out of the development team.

The app now includes hooks into the native support of both Twitter and Facebook in Mountain Lion, as well as support for multiple accounts in Twitter. Evernote sharing has been revamped completely, so that's easier to use. There are new keyboard shortcuts, and the team has introduced a new URL scheme ("pocket://") that seems like it will be more important in future updates.

There are also some fixes, including a much more responsive dock badge, which is a nice bonus. Pocket for Mac is available right now, and it remains completely free.

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