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The Daily Grind: When has a game worried you before it came out?

Eliot Lefebvre

I make no bones about how much I love WildStar. At the same time, I recognize that my love is based entirely upon a few preview images and trailers. It's possible that when I finally get to play the game, I'll find it to be the worst thing I've ever experienced. Not likely, but possible.

This is not unusual. We all fall in love with games based on early previews without knowing just what we'll get. It's the risk inherent in watching previews about new titles and finding out bits and pieces until we can finally get our hands on betas -- the game might look great while playing badly. We can only hope that we wind up playing the game of our dreams rather than one of our nightmares.

But sometimes you start seeing previews months after the game was announced that make you wonder if the game you've been looking forward to is going to leave something to be desired. So have you ever been worried about whether or not you're cheering for a game's release that you might not wind up enjoying?

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