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Wii Mini confirmed as Canada-exclusive through holiday season, priced $99


Update: Nintendo officially confirmed the Wii Mini today, revealing the new version as exclusive to Canada through the holiday season. The press release says "no information is available about its potential availability in other territories in the future." Priced at $99.99, the Wii Mini does not include Internet connectivity and isn't compatible with GameCube discs. As indicated by earlier leaked info, it comes with a red Nunchuk, a red Wiimote Plus controller, a sensor bar, power adapter, and standard composite cable.

Original story: A 'Mini' version of the Wii arrives on December 7, if a listing on Best Buy Canada is accurate. The retailer's front page currently shows an image introducing the 'Wii Mini,' advertising the black console with red trims as coming on said date. There's also a pre-order link, although clicking it only takes you to the site's Wii Page, with no Mini in sight.

The listing follows Nintendo World Report saying it spotted the petite version of the 2006 console in a major retailer's internal release schedule. According to NWR, the unnamed retailer's info lists the same details as Best Buy Canada, and in addition says the console comes with a sensor bar, Nunchuk, and Wii Remote Plus with jacket.

We reached out to Nintendo for confirmation of the new console version. A company rep responded, saying Nintendo doesn't comment on rumor or speculation.

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