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EverQuest Rain of Fear round up and launch-day video

MJ Guthrie

Grab your umbrellas, folks, because the Rain of Fear is finally here! Yes, EverQuest's 19th expansion is live on servers now, and all the Erudites, Dwarves, Frogloks, Iksar, Ogres, Humans, and 10 other races can dive in and sink their teeth into all the new content. With new zones, a new collection systems, offline selling, and more, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Have a question about one of these new features? Or maybe you are stuck in the real-life office grind and can't log in yet? Either way, you can get the scoop on the new expansion in the many opinion pieces, videos, hands-on experiences, and reveals after the break. And as an added bonus, watch the brand-spanking-new launch-day trailer! Then, if that still isn't enough, listen to the EQ soundtrack until you can get home and get in-game.

New EverQuest dev video tours new Rain of Fear zones
With EverQuest's big Rain of Fear expansion hitting live servers tomorrow, players are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the new zones and get their questing on.
Touring EverQuest's Rain of Fear with the SOE team
It's hard to believe, but EverQuest is due to launch its 19th expansion, Rain of Fear, in just a few more days. It brings a nice balance of the old and the new as it re-imagines some of the old classic zones but also introduces some stunning new ones as well.
SOE Live 2012: EverQuest's Rain of Fear includes offline selling and item progression
If you think that after 13 years and 18 expansions there is nothing new left to do for EverQuest, you don't know Sony Online Entertainment very well!
SOE Live 2012: Friday keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII
Day two of SOE Live wrapped up with yet another keynote, this one focused on DC Universe Online, EverQuest, and EverQuest II. Creative Director Jens Anderson of DCUO, Executive Producer Thom Terrazas from EQ, Executive Producer Holly Longdale from EQII, and Dave Georgeson, the EQ Franchise head, all took a turn on stage to give a rundown of what each game had launched over the past year, and more importantly, where each is headed for the future.
EverQuest gets its 19th expansion: Rain of Fear
Not to be outdone by the news of EverQuest II's new expansion and SOE's Player Studio, faithful ol' EverQuest is muscling its way back into the spotlight with its 19th expansion, titled Rain of Fear.

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