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Pier Solar HD hits Kickstarter goal, stretches for Wii U port


Pier Solar HD has achieved its Kickstarter funding goal of $139,000, with pledges over $141,000 and six days remaining on the drive. Now that the PC, Mac, Xbox, Linux and Dreamcast remake of the Genesis RPG has secured funding, developer WaterMelon Co. has revealed a set of stretch goals.

At $145,000, every version of Pier Solar HD will be translated in to Japanese. At $150K, the Dreamcast version will be updated with 16x9 support, VGA compatibility and even VMU screen integration. At $160K, the game will be released as a "Directors Cut" with new sidequests, minigames and "battle features" originally planned for the Genesis release.

The final two stretch goals bring Pier Solar HD to additional platforms: Android and Ouya at $175,000, and Wii U at $200,000. When determining the likelihood of these goals being reached, keep in mind that the starting point for this whole enterprise was a Genesis RPG released in 2010. This developer has a unique definition of "impossible."

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