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Super Hexagon now out on Steam


Game developer Terry Cavanagh's great Super Hexagon has been tearing it up on iOS -- and your eyes have probably been tearing up if you've played it for any length of time, because it's both crazy and crazy hard. But it's also very fun, and now the game has made its way over to Steam, available for purchase on both Mac and PC.

Now you can play the overwhelmingly frantic game (with those soothing female tones guiding you) on a big-screen monitor. Actually, maybe that's not such a good idea -- just thinking about seeing Super Hexagon's trippy graphics blown up that big makes our heads spin a little bit. Then again, there are certainly gamers out there who enjoy that kind of thing.

At any rate, play at your own risk. Super Hexagon on Steam is on sale for US$3, which puts it right in line with the $2.99 price on iOS.

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