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Clear Talk latest beneficiary of Verizon's 700MHz spectrum fire sale


After horse-trading with the FCC and DOJ to gain AWS spectrum from cable venture SpectrumCo in exchange for its 700MHz A and B bands, Verizon has found another taker: Clear Talk, who just signed an agreement to purchase 10 lower B-block licenses. That follows an agreement with Nortex in Texas along with Panhandle Telecom in Oklahoma, and will cover Clear Talk's markets in Maryland, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. Big Red is evaluating other bids for its lower 700MHz licenses and is also leasing upper C-block frequencies to 20 operators in order "to jumpstart the delivery of 4G LTE in rural areas." Verizon's tat for that tit will be that it can wholesale its services to cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner, making it well worth the company's while, we can imagine.

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