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Free God of Blades spinoff turns you and a friend into 'Slayers'


The iOS swordfighting game God of Blades comes to PC and Mac in the form of a free multiplayer spinoff called Slayers. Slayers is a side-scrolling fight between two players, who first control a line of underlings, and then a stronger champion with a randomly-generated pulp fantasy name. The first person to kill the opposing champion wins.

It's rather like Nidhogg in its back and forth swordplay, and it's been great fun at Juegos Rancheros events in Austin. And it's free, thanks to some kind of partnership between developer White Whale Games and Venus Patrol. You can have sword tournaments with friends in your own airbrushed vanscapes!

If you have yet to try the iOS single-player God of Blades, it's on sale for 99 cents right now, coinciding with an update that adds a new asynchronous multiplayer mode and other new stuff.

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