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Mac Game of the Week: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


Odds are that you may have played Knights of the Old Republic once before, but even if so, you may want to pick it up and go through it again anyway. These days, it's a classic, but back when we first heard Bioware (the company behind legendary RPGs like Baldur's Gate) was going to try and make its mark on the Star Wars universe, gamers weren't sure what to expect. What they got when the game released in 2003, however, was a brilliant take on George Lucas' universe, a fascinating tale of the light and dark sides of the Force, and a tactical yet action-packed tour through the history of the world of lightsabers.

Knights of the Old Republic cemented Bioware's reputation as a legendary RPG company, and not only did it push them on to make great titles like the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, but it spawned a universe of its own, including the Obsidian-developed sequel and eventually The Old Republic MMORPG. And yet, despite its age (almost ten years now!), Knights of the Old Republic still tells a great yarn of a story, with some brilliant dialogue, tough decisions to make, and plenty of lightsaber and blaster fighting.

Plus, right now the game is only $4.99 on the Mac App Store, and at that price, the title is a must-have. You may have played through this once already, either on the original Xbox or the PC, but KotOR is a classic, and it's a great game addition to any Mac as well.

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