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Federal Judge blocks Xbox ban, grants motion to dismiss Motorola request for injunctive relief


Motorola's hopes of enforcing a German-won sales injunction against the Xbox 360, Windows 7 and other products have yet again been dashed -- a Federal judge has taken Microsoft's side. Judge James L. Robart granted a motion declaring that Motorola Mobility isn't entitled to injunctive relief, effectively blocking bans based on the firm's H.264 streaming and (previously dropped) WiFi patent complaints. The court had been sitting on the motion for nearly a year, but for Microsoft, the final word is worth the wait: Motorola "has not shown it has suffered an irreparable injury or that remedies available at law are inadequate to compensate for its injury," the court said, noting that Microsoft "will pay royalties under any license agreement from the time of infringement within the statute of limitations." Basically, Motorola will recoup all the scratch it's complaining it lost anyway, so no harm, no foul. Just a giant legal headache.

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