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Sega selection goes 2 for $15 at Get Games, or 6 for $30


PC digital distributor Get Games has a couple of weekend sales worth a gander, especially if you're fond of your Sega. Choose to part with $15, and you can have two of six Sega games, including Shogun: Total War, Jet-Set Radio, Aliens vs. Predator, Binary Domain, Sonic Generations, and Renegade Ops.

If the whole lot has you itching for your wallet, the sextet in its entirety is yours for just 30 greenbacks. Either way, the offer's good until Monday, December 3 at 11AM ET.

Sneakier types may be pleased to learn Get Games also has a stealth sale, ending on Monday too. It features shadowy entries from the Deus Ex, Thief, Hitman, and Commandos series among others. Many of the prices are cut by 75 percent, including those for Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($7.49) and Hitman: Blood Money ($2.49).

If you can't decide between stealth and Sega, Alpha Protocol has you covered. It's also down by 75 percent, coming in at $4.99.

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