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Breakfast Topic: Crowdsource your best Mists tips, tricks, and discoveries

Hear that cacophony of clacking and tapping? That's the sound of your fellow readers banging away at their keyboards to help us crowdsource the best tips, tricks, and pointers for Mists of Pandaria and patch 5.1. Let's tip off all our friends who never hit that one area of that zone over there. Or the ones trying the other faction for the first time in Mists. Or that dude who didn't catch what happens if you go over here and try this.

I wish I'd known about ...

Oh, WOW! Look what I just discovered ...

Heyyy! I didn't know you could ...

If your tip elicits that kind of response, it's the kind of pointer we're looking for. Need more inspiration? Check out our tips for doing those pesky daily quests or finding sweet little hidden quests. If we get enough good pointers, I'll compile them all up in one fat "just so's ya know" post.

So what hot tips would you be most hot to pass on to a friend who was just heading into Mists? What's your favorite don't-miss discovery or most sage piece of advice?

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