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Smedley clarifies PlanetSide 2's long-term plans: 'NPCs aren't on the table'

Jef Reahard

Yesterday a bunch of game news sites reported on PlanetSide 2's ambitious long-term plans as quoted from a lengthy post by SOE CEO John Smedley. It was pretty exciting stuff even though the information has been live on Smedley's blog since August of 2012.

His treatise mentioned player-owned bases, harvestables, seamless bodies of water between continents (and water-based vehicles), dynamic weather, e-sports support, and NPCs. This last bit led to some hand-wringing by PS2's hardcore PvP faithful, so we reached out to Smedley in order to set the record straight and determine whether or not the features mentioned five months ago are still in the works. "A lot of it is still being considered," he said. "We are going to tell the community about our longer term plan and let them have a very big say in where we go."

What about NPCs and PvE, though? "NPCs aren't on the table for a long time, if ever," Smedley told us.

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