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The Daily Grind: What do you consider a lockbox?

Eliot Lefebvre

I've never been a fan of lockboxes in games, but it occurs to me that there are really two variants to the whole concept of annoying random item packs. The first variety, as seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic, is essentially like a pack of trading cards. You pay money and get a random pack of items. While I'm not thrilled with it, considering the fact that you can generally sell or trade the random items, it's not all that bad in the long run.

The other variety, as found in Guild Wars 2, is what I find really irritating. The box is randomly dropped from enemies in the game; the part you have to buy is the key to open the box. In essence, your reward for killing a monster is the chance to give the company running the game more money.

Of course, to some players both varieties are equally frustrating and worthy of the name "lockbox." So what about you? Do you consider one type or the other to be more of a lockbox than the other? Do you dislike both? Or do you not really care either way?

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