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The Repopulation adds entertainer skills, PvP tweaks

Jef Reahard

Did you hear that? It was the sound of cheering, as thousands of Star Wars Galaxies fans rejoiced at the news that another MMORPG is finally riffing on its one-of-a-kind Entertainer profession. The MMO in question is The Repopulation, a sci-fi sandbox that just released its end-of-the-month update.

Chief among the interesting additions for November was the Entertainment skill line, which grants players the ability to be the life of the party via music, storytelling, dancing, crowd motivation, "and other means."

The system grants long-term buffs to entertained players provided that said entertaining happens in social/resting areas (think pubs, inns, theaters, etc.). Players may also make temporary wilderness camps that act as social areas. There's quite a bit more to this month's update, including PvP tweaks and the usual beta balancing adjustments. Full details are available at The Repopulation's official website.

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