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Breakfast Topic: Hatred and the faction grind

Matthew Rossi

No, this isn't complaining about faction grinding. It's detailing how very, very much I enjoy the visceral hatred I come to feel for the objectives of said factional quests. For instance, when the Klaxxi send me off to hunt down and kill their mantid enemies, I burn those insects fellows. I go on a bender of destruction. I gleefully drop caustic bombs, melt armor off of scorpions, annihilate mentally enslaved yangol and otherwise just wreak as much unholy devastation as I can. I often try and pull all of the Impalers I need to kill in one go, pop a defensive cooldown followed by my offensive cooldowns and Bladestoooorm like Marrowgar on a caffeine frenzy.

In short, I really hate those guys, and I really, really love mowing them down. The final quest of the Klaxxi rep chain (which I will not spoil for you, but it was really good) has a moment where I see enemy mantid attacking Kovok. Now, I love Kovok, he's my big bug buddy. And man, I don't think any group of mantid has ever regretted anything as much as those guys, even the big named one, regretted hassling my buddy Kovok because I dropped from the sky and laid my vengeance upon them. I earned that DPS ring.

So how about you? Do you do your dailies with precision and forethought, or are you like me, so gripped with a desire to make these mobs pay for daring to exist that you slaughter them mindlessly and often find yourself still killing them minute after you've hit your quote, collected all of your shards or shackles, or otherwise have no reason to be murdering anymore?

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