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Patch 5.2: Changes to farming possible, including rest area


An interesting blue post appeared over the weekend, giving a look at what Blizzard is thinking for patch 5.2 down on the farm. Namely that those rather pesky birds might have a long term solution, and you'll finally be able to rest on your farm.

The farm is the one of the closest things WoW has to player housing; it's an adaptive environment based on your progress in the game (namely Tiller reputation), and it provides actual benefits that help (or are downright needed) to advance in the end game. Adding a way to rest on the farm would solidify this area as a central location in WoW. And while it's not a substitute for full scale player housing, it's certainly a step in some player-made persistent world (if only persistent to the player himself).

Personally, I hope we're able to fall asleep on a hammock. It's the ideal farm rest option.

Standard Disclaimer: None of this is for sure, and it's just the blues talking about what they're thinking about doing in patch 5.2.

There are some changes we're hoping to implement in Patch 5.2 regarding Sunsong Ranch. Things we're considering are ways to lure birds away, creating a resting zone, and perhaps a way to have your friends around (NPCs you've gained rep with) giving you tasks to do to gain nice perks. Nothing is guaranteed but those are just some of possibilities currently on the table.

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