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Indie Royale bundles up Bit.Trip Runner, Greed Corp and 4 more


The holidays have always been about bundles. Where once it was the bundles Santa carried in his sleigh, now it's video game consoles and downloadable game bundles. Enter the Indie Royale Winter Bundle, which packs together six indie PC titles for one (currently) low price.

The bundle includes Bit.Trip Runner, Greed Corp, Hamlet, Leave Home, Conquest of Elysium 3 and They Breathe. Mac and Linux downloads are also available for Bit.Trip Runner and Conquest of Elysium 3.

As of this writing, the bundle is still under $5, though the price goes up as more people buy. Those who pay at least $8 also get a download of the jazzy chiptune album Bluescreen by Protodome. Not a bad deal, especially if you've misplaced the copy of Bit.Trip Runner you got with the last indie bundle you purchased.

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