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Soul Sacrifice dev reveals co-op Ghost Mode, Leviathan monster


Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice has a ghostly co-op feature which lets you play on with your friends even after you're dead. Keiji Inafune, founder of developer Comcept, detailed this week how 'Ghost Mode' lets you help your party post-mortem, albeit as a phantom.

In ghost form you have both your allies and enemies' status info to hand, and are able to strengthen party members and weaken enemies via the Vita's touchscreen. You're a bit like your party's guiding spirit, except presumably covered in a white blanket with eye holes cut out. Either way, it sounds like an intriguing way to keep players involved after death.

Inafune also went into the lore of a Soul Sacrifice monster called Leviathan, the beastie pictured above. Apparently Leviathan's origins relate to a tormented prince, and his wish to claim the throne by having his twin brother killed by a tortured pet crocodile. This is just one of the reasons we advise caution in choosing a crocodile for a pet.

Soul Sacrifice hits Japan on March 7, 2013. North American and European releases are confirmed, but publisher Sony Computer Entertainment hasn't disclosed their timeframes.

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