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Sound Shapes Music Shop launches with 3 sound packs, terrain pack


Sound Shapes
is expanding today with the launch of an in-game music shop. Up for grabs are three new sound packs, the Acoustic Sound Pack, Drum Kits Sound Pack and 8-Bit Sound Pack. The packs will be available for $0.99 each, and all feature five new instruments, their own Beat School Levels and Trophies. Also available today will be the free Curved Terrain Pack.

Furthemore, Sony has revealed a new feature set to debut later this month called the Community Milkcrate. The Milkcrate will showcase curated albums of user-created levels, each centered around a specific theme. Next year will see the release of special Milkcrate albums curated by "entertainment industry luminaries including game developers, music composers and other notable fans of the game." New vehicles will be introduced next year as well.

Check out the trailer above for a peek at the new sound packs.

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