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TERA pounds out patch improvements


Patch 18.10.08 may not be the biggest content update in the history of TERA, but its humble offerings are nothing but good news to the playerbase. The newly available patch includes a couple of highly useful drops as well as additional bonuses for inexperienced dungeon runners.

Gamers can now fiddle with their gear's bonus options with semi-enigmatic scrolls, which are found as players defeat the big-ass monsters in various parts of the game. Those monsters also have a chance to drop complete crystalbind scrolls, which keep crystals from breaking due to death for a limited time.

The team really wants players to invite new people into group runs, which is why a trio of additional rookie buffs have been added. These buffs protect crystals from breaking, allow for a one-time on-the-spot resurrection, and increase attack power by 12% for the entire group.

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