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Former Apple CEO John Sculley: Apple is well-run


Although Tim Cook has been at Apple's helm for a while now, concern over his long-term guidance continues to permeate opinions of both shareholders and analysts. For his part, former Apple CEO, John Sculley, is confident in Apple's management. The Motley Fool reports that during a recent interview with CNBC, Sculley was very upbeat about the future of his former company.

"I think they're going through a very significant change now in terms of product cycles," Sculley explains. "Traditionally Apple introduces products once a year; now it's really introducing products twice a year. The complexity of that from a supply chain is immense, and Apple seems to be doing it well. So, I think that people are underestimating just how well Apple is run, and just how successful the company can be when it gets to that twice-a-year product introduction cycle."

Sculley went on to note that he believes Apple's valuation should remain relatively constant despite the change in leadership, mentioning that product guru Jony Ive brings a lot to the table. Whether investors see it the same way is an entirely different story, and while some analysts consider whether Apple's valuation deserves the so-called "Steve Jobs premium" it once had, the company has its work cut out for it to calm the fears of Wall Street.

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