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Hello Kitty X Street Fighter plushies, figurines, coin purses for pre-order


The Hello Kitty versions of your favorite Street Fighter characters (or the Street Fighter versions of your favorite Japanese spokescat) are up for pre-order on at least one site, with more coming soon, Capcom says.

Big Bad Toy Store has Hello Kitty Chun Li, Ryu and M. Bison as plushies, coin purses and figurines, though the figurines are sold as a pack that includes Cammy, Zangief and E. Honda for $40. The 10-inch Chun Li plushie from San Diego Comic Con 2012, which runs $63, is already sold out on Big Bad Toy Store.

Capcom specifically called out Hot Topic, Toys 'R' Us and and Sanrio as places to buy Street Fighter X Hello Kitty products, so keep an eye out at your retailer of choice. If you don't see the Street Fighter character you want right now, don't fret this is only Series 1 in a line of toys from Sanrio and Capcom.

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