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Stubbs the Zombie devs on quasi-spiritual successor, 'Ray's the Dead'


Matt Carter and Chris Cobb, two former Wideload employees, started Ragtag Studio to create a game that they can almost define as a "spiritual successor" to Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse, called Ray's the Dead.

Ray's the Dead is a PC game that might migrate to mobile eventually, where players control a group of 2D zombies in a 3D environment, with two storylines told through playable events rather than cutscenes, Cobb tells Polygon. Cobb can only almost call it a Stubbs the Zombie successor because he doesn't own the Stubbs license, and for an indie studio, navigating that grey legal area can be tricky.

Ray's the Dead will focus on controlling the zombie horde and using different undead abilities to solve puzzles. It draws from games other than Stubbs, with Pikmin as a notable shout-out, and the main character, Raymond, has a lightbulb on his head. We're not sure why that last detail is relevant, but it certainly is cute.

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