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Watch Japan's Wii U launch Nintendo Direct right here [update: it's over!]


Today sees a trio of Nintendo Direct broadcasts stream their way onto our monitors, kicking off with one for Japan this morning. The Wii U launches there this weekend, so it's no great surprise this particular Direct focuses on Nintendo's newest system.

Our advice is that you sit back, make yourself comfortable, grab us those cheese puffs, and watch the stream here when it starts broadcasting at 6AM ET (3AM Pacific, 11AM Brit-time).

As for the North American and European Nintendo Directs, both are scheduled for 12PM ET (9AM Pacific, 5PM Brit-time), and both will feature upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. We'll have all the news for you from all three broadcasts right here on Joystiq.

Update: The broadcast is now over, but you can watch all 44 minutes of it here. Nintendo showed off Japan's collection of launch games, with plenty of time in particular given to Pikmin 3 and Game and Wario. Regards the latter, Nintendo president Saturo Iwata revealed it features 16 minigames in total and is coming to Japan in early 2013.

Talking of Iwata, as usual he got up to some antics, including wearing a helmet-cam to show off Panorama View, and appearing in uncanny Lego form for Lego City Undercover, as pictured after the break.

Watch Japan's Wii U launch Nintendo Direct right here update it's over!

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