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    Animationist creates dynamic titles for your video or printed projects

    Mel Martin

    Animationist is a clever and useful OS X app that lets you create animated titles, logos and images for use in iMovie, YouTube or Final Cut. It's currently available in the Mac App Store for a half-off introductory price of US$24.99.

    The results look professional, and the default titles are so good you might not want to create you own designs, although you certainly can.

    Animationist displays your edits in real time and animations can be done using keyframes, which should please video pros and semi-pros alike. Even light sources and font kerning can be animated. Of course you get borders, blur, shadows, color control, reflectivity and control of all the other parameters you would expect in an app like this (final effects must be rendered for full quality).

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    Animated files can be exported as a movie file, an image file, a PDF or even a layered Photoshop file. There is a lot of power here for those who want to go beyond the simple effects provided in iMovie. While the app is not inexpensive enough to elicit an impulse purchase, the 50 percent launch sale discount does make it appealing to a wider audience.

    I tried some animations and thought the output was excellent, and learning the app is easy and straightforward. Both text and video tutorials are built in. Also, final rendering was acceptably quick in my testing.

    Animationist requires OS X 10.6 or later, and can be set up for English or German users. It's a 76 MB download. If you'd like to try before you buy you can get a preview at this link and additional details here.

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