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Galcon 2 gets a Kickstarter


Phil Hassey is a very talented iOS developer who we've covered before. Probably his biggest game is Galcon, a sort of streamlined real-time strategy game that he's seen a lot of success with on iOS. He's actually made Galcon a few times before and released it on a number of other platforms since. It's actually based on an old game called Galactic Conquest, which itself was based on a game called Stellar Invasion. Game design, as you can tell, tends to be very iterative.

Hassey is planning to make Galcon 2, and this time, he's aiming to get funding together before release. There's a Kickstarter project for the title up now. The goal is set at a strange total of $23,099, and there are a number of various prizes to earn for funding, including fridge magnets with the game's graphics, some cool iPhone cases and a "Galconicorn horn" for the person who donates at the very top of the pile.

The game itself is actually going to be free-to-play, with in-app purchases for monetization, though Hassey has a number of other big ideas for it, including clan support, online multiplayer rankings and a few other features. Almost $24,000 is a sizable amount, but Hassey's a great game maker, so hopefully he'll get the funding he's looking for. If you're interested in the game and want to support him, you can donate through Kickstarter right now.

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